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Experienced New York City criminal defense lawyer defends drivers and trucking companies

Are you a motor carrier safety manager or independent trucker ticketed to a New York City Criminal Court for truck violations on one your trucks?  I will  handle  your Company's New York City Pink tickets for truck violations that are returnable to Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan Criminal Courts for a very reasonable fee.  In addition to equipment violations, I also handle violations for over-width, over-length, over-weight, off the truck route, no Ifta, Hut, no MVT Stamp, out of service,  improper DOT lettering, improper registration, log-book violations, no fire-extinquisher, unsecured load. etc,

As long as the tickets are the pink ones for  a New York City Criminal Court in either Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Kings County or Staten Island  I will handle them and ensure that you save money

With equipment violations, the court will usually dismiss them with proof of repairs within 24 hours of issuance of the ticket (just make sure that the tag number of the truck is on the repair receipt)

Call or text me at 212-786-2999 to see if I can save your company money on these truck violation tickets.

to reach me by email:

I charge very reasonable fees to handle  New York City trucking violations in the Bronx, Queens, Kings Richmond and Manhattan. if I do not get them dismissed I will negotiate with the Court for a very low fine for you and/or your company

Some of the trucking violations I handle include: 

No IFTA tax stamp viol

No NYS Highway Use Tax permit (HUT)

No NYC MVT  Stamp

Equipment violations, (just provide me with proof that repairs were made within 24 hours and make sure that the tag number of the truck is on the repair receipt)

Failure to show proof of IRP

Out of service violations

Overweight, Overlength violations

Failure to display proper markings

Improper driver logs

Expired inspection

Unsecured load

Reckless driving

Below are some useful links for drivers and safety managers re various truck violations:

For a general listing of New York City Truck Rules and Regulations with links to individual pages click here

Click here if you have any questions regarding IFTA Permits

A lot of  trucking clients have received tickets for not having a Commercial Motor Vehicle Tax Stamp  (MVT sticker).  But most of the out-of-state companies do not require one since they do not conduct more than half of their business within New York City.  To understand more about the New York City Commercial Motor Vehicle Tax click here

For information regarding Driver's hours of service regulations and logbook requirements

Here is some more information on requirements for vehicle inspections, medical certificates and the procedure to follow to get equipment violation tickets dismissed.

If you want information on the Unified Carrier Registration requirements that went into effect in 2007. click here

More information on applying for and displaying USDOT numbers from the New York State Website.

Click here

IMPORTANT:  Since 2001,  the FMCSA mandates that states suspend the CDL of any driver for various driving infractions including, but not limited to failure to obey a railroad signal (60 days) and leaving the scene of an accident (one year).  There are no hardship provisions available during the suspension.  Surprisingly,  many attorneys that I have spoken with are unaware of this Federal law. In fact, there are a multitude of offenses that can result in suspension of a CDL.  Click here for a table of offenses that result in a suspension

If you are interested in learning more about New York City rules regarding vehicle weights and dimensions, click here

As for the overlength in New York, 53 foot trailers must only use "qualifying highways".  But even if a 48 foot trailer is used, in most instances the overall length of the rig must be less than 65 '.  For more information, go to the official New York State DOT page which describes the rules in detail. Or click here for the oficial New York City Truck Route Map.  It also has has a number to call for a permit.  If one of your drivers has already received an overlength or overwidth ticket, call me.

I have extensive experience handling truck tickets in NYC criminal courts and will save you or your trucking firm money on your NYC truck violation tickets.

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