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Experienced NYC Criminal Defense and Civil Rights Lawyer

Robert Briere graduated with Honors from the University of Florida College of Law in 1991. and immediately started practicing criminal defense.  Since then he has successfully defended thousands of innocent people on both big and small criminal matters in both Florida and New York Courts. Some of his high profile cases have been featured in the New York Times, the New York Post, and the New York Daily News. 

Even though he is a seasoned trial attorney who has represented clients in hundreds of jury trials, bench trials and evidentiary hearings, he is sensitive to the needs and wants of his clients and he knows that most of his clients would rather have their case quietly dismissed by the court or the prosecutor instead of through a dramatic jury trial acquittal.  But when a client wants a jury trial he is ready.

Whether it is a civil rights matter or a criminal case,  Robert Briere is a New York lawyer who knows how to identify a case's strengths and weakness and get right to the heart of the issues that really matter in a case.  He understands when a client deserves to be treated leniently and with compassion by prosecutors and judges in criminal cases.  He also knows when clients who have been treated inappropriately by the NYPD deserve a generous settlement.  

It is this keen ability and dedication to understanding what really matters about a case and then persuasively imparting this knowledge to the prosecutors and judges which helps make Briere such a successful and in-demand New York criminal defense lawyer.  This competence, energy and zeal has led to the pre-trial dismissals of charges against hundreds of his clients not to mention good settlements in civil rights cases. .  

And, of course, when a case cannot be settled before trial, Briere knows how to present the facts to the jury that can help increase the chances of an acquittal!!

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