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Indicted in New York Supreme Court for a "White Collar" offense such as Grand Larceny, Bribery, Offering a false instrument for filing, Falsifying business records and/or Official Misconduct?

Consider hiring a lawyer familiar with the particular court, the judge and prosecutor who is assigned to your case.  A defense lawyer who knows the tendencies of both the prosecutor and judge assigned to your case will be able to provide invaluable insight into likely outcomes for your case.

While it is true for all kinds of criminal cases, it is particularly important with white collar cases.  That is because most white collar cases are resolved pretrial since these types of cases often consist of nothing but financial records.  

When shopping for a lawyer for a white collar case, ask the lawyer what his/her experience is in a particular court.  Try to find a lawyer with "local knowledge"-- meaning a lawyer who is knowledgeable and familiar with the personnel of the particular court where your case is being heard.  While New York Criminal law and Criminal procedure is the same throughout the state, individual courts have different local rules, customs, etc.  Hiring a lawyer with local knowledge will help you to know what to expect with your case.

For example, if you are indicted in Manhattan Supreme Court, ask the criminal lawyer you are considering hiring how many cases he/she has litigated in that court.  If you know who the judge or the prosecutor is in your case, ask the lawyer whether they have ever dealt with that prosecutor or judge. If they answer that they know that prosecutor or judge, ask them how many cases they have had with that prosecutor or judge.  Get specifics from them.  I believe that--all things being equal-- the more familiar your lawyer is with the court, prosecutor, judge, etc. the better for you.

People call me from all over the state with cases in different boroughs, different cities, counties, etc.  Oftentimes, I have to turn down their business because I am unfamiliar with whatever court their case is in.  For example if someone calls me with a Long Island case, e.g., Hempstead,  I tell them to find a lawyer familiar with that court.  

On the other hand, if you have criminal charges pending in Manhattan, consider giving me a call.  Chances are I have worked with both the prosecutor and the judge who are assigned to your case.

This may help you to make better informed decisions about how to proceed with your case.   

I only accept cases where I am confident that I can provide quality representation.   In my opinion, quality representation familiarity not with the charge, but also with the particular court.  Individual courts all have their own quirks.  There's plenty of legal work to go around and people with criminal charges shouldn't have to provide paid on-the job training for their privately retained lawyer.

If you have a white collar case in Manhattan, give me a call at 212-786-2999 to see if I can help you.